Trenchless pipeline construction

Keyhole - the keyhole to domestic connections

This technology offers a great many advantages. Connections to properties are often associated with traffic hold-ups and extensive surface repairs. This does not have to be the case! With the keyhole technology, gas, water and FTTH connections to properties are laid from the main in the street right up to the property. This is carried out using a borehole of just 650 mm diameter. After removing the road surface, a suction excavator carefully sucks the keyhole free as far as the main. All the work necessary for laying the cable or pipe is carried out from the surface, as is the operation of the drill.

The advantages of the keyhole method are obvious. Freshly laid road surfaces are not dug up. The circular hole has no effect on stress or on the supporting capability of the soil and the road surface. Only minimal excavation is necessary, thus reducing consequential costs due to surface damage. When the work is complete, the core is replaced using special mortar without further asphalting costs. The effects on traffic are reduced to a minimum.

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