Tunnel building & mining

RSP knows the extreme challenges in the mining industry. We cooperate closely with our customers and build suction systems that are adapted to all specific requirements of a mining environment. We benefit from over 20 years of experience. We guarantee the time and cost-efficient mining projects - and this under the hardest operating conditions - through quality, reliability and innovative technologies.

Tunnel repair

In the meantime, suction technology has not only become established in the construction industry but also for cleaning and renovation work. What was previously accomplished by hand with considerable effort and expense is now achieved by the suction excavator at outstanding speed. The cleaning of tunnel slit gutters can be carried out in one night without major traffic disruption.


Retrofitting of safety equipment

In many tunnels, safety equipment has to be fitted retrospectively in order to comply with statutory regulations. The cables which have been laid in the individual ducts must be exposed to enable this work to be carried out. For fire-prevention reasons, these ducts are filled with sand. The material is sucked out in a short time and without the risk of damaging the laid power and communications cables. On completion of the work, it can be reused.

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