We are looking for your kind support

To make our 2021 wall calendar to a unique piece, we would like presenting pictures of your RSP Suction Excavators. Therefor we need your support. We are looking for awesome pictures which shows your Suction Excavator in action or in a stunning location.

The photo must meet 5 criteria:

1.The subject of the picture must be in focus.
2.The people who are shown must be wearing personal protective equipment.
3. The work that is shown must be being carried out in accordance with the applicable work safety regulations.
4. The submitted photo must have a size of 3508 x 4961 pixels (landscape format!) or at least 8 MB.
5. The people in the picture and the owner of the photo (photographer) must sign the declaration of consent for publication  
    and send it with the picture.

The deadline for entries is 09th October.
Please send the photos and the filled and signed declaration of consent to