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The digital construction site 4.0
05.03.2019 - 14.04.2021

At the exhibition space FN 929/1 in the outdoor area of the BAUMA, RSP will be introducing two different machines and select accessories from a comprehensive product assortment. An ESE 6 and an ESE 8 will be presented. However, the digital work machine is in the foreground at the trade fair. RSP will present several new digital solution approaches at the Bauma with the motto “Discover the new solution”.

RSP Telematics connects you and your suction excavator.
All RSP models have a modern SPS control. On the one hand, this permits the machine to be controlled via remote control and on the other hand, it provides quick error diagnosis. The service and maintenance intervals are displayed and requested on the display from the modern SPS control. With new vehicles in Europe, it is possible to transfer the vehicle data to a cell phone using an app. The current machine data such as the position, operating hours, consumption, service intervals, etc. can be accessed in real time.These comprehensive functions off you a complete overview of your vehicle fleet. It allows you to bill orders exactly to the minute, to determine the current location of your machine and to always have an eye on the service intervals. more

Another digital highlight is the RSP Smart Control. This control permits very precise and effective work with the articulated hose carrier.This safety-oriented control permits quick positioning independent of if it is already in a work or transport position.  With horizontal and vertical movements, the position of the last cantilever member in the respective axle will be kept constant through the automatic adjustment of the other cantilevers. This makes work even safer and more comfortable. 

RSP Bird View 360°
The camera-based operator assistance system with a 360° panorama view offers the driver a clear, seamless 360° view around their vehicle. People can be protected and accidents avoided with the aid of this system. It offers support for safely turning right, parking, parking without dangers and easily maneuvering on a construction site.

RSP Smart Service
RSP is currently testing a modern communication platform and the use of augmented reality (AR) for better and faster service.  With the aid of this tool, field service employees can interactively evaluate technical problems remotely that are otherwise difficult to explain. This is carried out using a transmission of image, sound and live video. Through augmented information, such as arrows, the employee on-site receives technical expert knowledge and detailed instructions. This is projected on to the transmitted live video image. You can receive support as if an expert were there. The objective is to improve the quality of service and save costs in the execution.

Be equipped for the future. In more than 26 years, RSP has managed to become a market leader in the industry of suction dredge manufacturer with its individual products. With the new digital solutions in and around the suction dredge, an important foundation is laid for a successful future. Do you want to find out more? We look forward to your visit! You can order your personal ticket at