RSP Telematics

How to save a lot of money

RSP telematics enables you to access numerous machine monitoring data and therefore saves you time and money. With RSP telematics, you can lower fuel costs, optimise the capacity of machine and driver as well as manage maintenance and care proactively to maximize machine availability. With the help of operating reports, you can determine idle times - information which you can use to minimise fuel consumption, unproductive machine hours and maintenance costs.

How to save a lot of time

Proactive management of your machines and increased availability thanks to planned maintenance and repair. This is how to avoid problems. Your RSP service partner can eliminate faults even by remote control to minimise the maintenance requirement and downtimes. RSP telematics delivers a variety of data from fuel consumption through to location and use of the machine. This enables you to make decisions that have a noticeable effect on your operations. Discover special functions for further savings so that you fully exploit the potential of your machine.

RSP Telematics
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