Rotating fitting


The RSP rotating fitting has been developed specially for areas in which there is no risk of damage to underground cables and pipes. They enable effective production of point foundations. A wide range of suction fittings can be connected to the rotating device using the standard clamp system. The RSP rotating fitting is available in two different versions and has many advantages, such as:

• Matching all RSP suction excavators with a hydraulic jointed hose carrier and clamp system
• Quick retrofitting
• Simple and clean assembly
• Time and cost saving
• The highest flexibility
• Increased resale value of your RSP machine


The RM FIX rotating fitting is screwed fixedly to the joint hose carrier. This makes attaching and detaching it unnecessary. You can immediately activate the rotation function to exploit the full potential of your machine's capacity. A separate holder and connection clamp is not required for the RM FIX rotating fitting. Furthermore, this version impresses thanks to its lower weight.

Rotationsmodul RM fix


The RM VARIO rotating fitting is fastened to the joint hose carrier using a clamp. It can be removed any time without difficulty. Transport is possible at the hydraulic joint hose carrier or in an optional holder at the rear. This enables you to quickly adapt to changing operating conditions at any time. Depending on the intended application of your machine, you can use the RM VARIO in combination with other RSP accessories for special suction tasks.

Rotationsmodul RM vario


The rotating fitting is driven hydraulically and therefore guarantees a low maintenance requirement and high reliability. The rotating fitting works at a constant speed. A special overload protection protects the drive from damage. The rotating fitting can work in an anti-clockwise or clockwise rotation. All functions are controlled by the machine's radio remote control unit.

Technical data

Width 434 x 525 mm
Hose diameter 250 mm
Weight 72 kg/76 kg depending on version
Torque approx. 3750 Nm
Coupling system RSP clamp system
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