Stationary suction systems

The stationary modular suction system - ESE S

Variable end electric

RSP's aim is to apply the advantages of an emission-free, electrically powered suction attachment in various sectors of industry, the construction industry and other fi elds of activity.

The modular design of an ESE S system serves as the ba-sis, which can be operated stationary or built on a mobile substructure.

The individual modules are standardised according to ISO 668 container dimensions in width and height and vary, de-pending on the design, only in length (5ft or 10ft).

This design makes them quick to replace and easy to trans-port. The individual modules can be combined in diff erent ways, depending on requirements.

This system can be individually adapted to customer requirements.

Our module family consists to:

1. Generator module
2. Fan module
3. Filter module
4. Material module
5. Hose carrier module

According to requirements and fi eld of application, addition-al options such as compressor or high-pressure water system selected. The power supply for the electric drive can be provided by a generator module. However, the system can also be connect-ed to the existing power grid.

The images represent reference objects.

More modules for more flexibility

Generator module:
• system can connected to an existing mains supply
• alternatively, a replaceable battery module would also be conceivable

Fan module:
• proven high-performance double fan with direct elec-tric drive
• optionally, compressor und water system can be incorporated
• all components are driven purely electrically, wa-ter-cooled and controlled by inverters

Filter module:
with quick-change filter cartridges and separate opportunity to discharge

Material module:
• available in different sizes according to customer requirements
• discharge possible through fl ap downwards or conveyor belt to the rear

Hose carrier module
• serves as a hose guide and intake of the sucked material
• its central design enables symmetrical coverage of the suction radius
• an electrically driven hydraulic unit can be integrated into the module

Variable integration: track wagon, trailer or stationary base

Due to different requirements and specifications from our customers, individual additional solu-tions are always possible or in demand.

Please submit us your challenge so that we can develop and build your version of an individual suction station.

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