Stationary suction systems

Stationary suction systems are particularly suitable for continuous suction tasks which extend over a longer period. Typical projects include the use of such a system in the construction of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland and the cleaning of built-over canals in Venice or the suction of fine degradation products from mines. The size, stability and power of the stationary suction system is individually matched to the customer's specific requirements. In addition, long-life, powerful fans ensure that the system meets the requirements of day-to-day practice even under severe conditions. The removal of the suctioned material is based on the local conditions. We would be happy to advise you in detail on this and design a solution together with you.

The example system consists of three different modules. The main component is the fan unit with three radial fans. The separator unit consists of separator tank, slider and flap system and the supply unit consisting of compressor and hydraulic unit.



Customer systems

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