RSP Academy

With the decision for an RSP suction excavator, you have a wide range of application possibilities in countless areas at your disposal. Starting with the "classic" areas such as civil engineering or emergency services, the portfolio also includes more unusual tasks such as flat roof or tree root renovation.

For us at RSP Group, it is therefore important that you are able to operate your suction excavator not only efficiently, but above all safely. We have therefore set up a comprehensive training programme for our customers, in which we draw on the practical experience of our partners and almost three decades of suction excavator construction.

In accordance with this know-how, our trainers pass on their knowledge to your employees in specialised courses. In addition to theoretical courses, the emphasis is on practical training. Training opportunities in Saalfeld and in the COREUM enable our participants to learn and consolidate their competence with the suction excavator in scenarios prepared in detail.

Take advantage of the extensive range of courses offered by our RSP Academy onwards and contact us to arrange your suitable suction excavator training course.

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