Maintenance contract

With the purchase of a RSP suction excavator, you have decided to buy a high-quality speciality product. Regular, professional maintenance is the basis for a high level of availability of the technology as well as a calculable cost control. With the RSP CARE maintenance package, the regular specified maintenance work on your machine is carried out by trained service specialists. An extensive inspection of the complete vehicle is also carried out. You can be sure: Ultra-modern workshop modes, qualified employees and the use of RSP original spare parts and operating fluids guarantee optimum protection of your machine.

In case of repair, your service partner will impress you with pinpoint troubleshooting as well as with a quick calculation. 
This allows you to keep an eye on your costs at all times.


Optimum cost control with uninterrupted protection of your machine.

The advantages at a glance:
• Competent maintenance at your site
• Optimised reliability of your machine
• Use of RSP ORIGINAL spare parts and operating fluids
• Calculatable and transparent maintenance costs
• Service documentation
• Increased resale value of your RSP machine

Let your RSP service partner advise you on RSP CARE.


The service package for your machine.

The maintenance contract RSP CARE includes the following services:
• Carry out all regular maintenance specified by RSP
• First use maintenance after 100 operating hours
• Subsequent maintenance is carried out after every 500 operating hours or after one year has expired
• All necessary materials for the maintenance included, with the exception of the hydraulic fluid change
• Taking of an oil sample with subsequent oil analysis
• Inspection of the complete machine, including rectifying small faults and defects
• Handover of a printed inspection report
• When larger damage is identified or defects that stand out a repair offer is submitted

The RSP CARE maintenance contract contributes towards reaching a high availability for your vehicle. It is the basis for a predictive cost calculation and increases the amortized value of your machine.

Use the help of our specialists.

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