Material containers


With four container sizes altogether and the option to fit these with stainless steel wear plates, you have the perfect conditions for doing the job really well. The container size 4 m³ is developed especially for two-axle vehicles with an overall width of 2.30 m. This compact size and the tipping axis height of 2.10 m ensures the container can be emptied on smaller transport vehicles. The 6 m³ container is specially suited for a vehicle chassis with a short wheelbase. The 8 m³ container provides more loading volume and therefore the ability to work more effectively. It is the optimum size for all 3 and 4-axle chassis. This container is most frequently used for suction work in excavation projects. The 10 m³ container is designed for very special suction tasks, for example, in industrial facilities that require a larger container capacity.


Optimised air conveyance

To make the suction superstructure more efficient in all available sizes, the fan capacity was maximised and the air conveyance was modified inside the container. The newly designed and patented separation chamber provides optimum pre-separation of the material. Long air channels to the micromesh filters cause the stream of air to dry. A constant and effective dust and fume extraction is achieved with the help of the highly effective micromesh filters. The micromesh filter chamber is emptied automatically during the tilting process. The micromesh filter cleaning system installed as standard ensures optimum cleaning of the micromesh filters. This has a positive effect on the service life of the filters as well as the suction capacity of the complete machine.


  • high-quality, torsionally stiff steel construction
  • patented air conveyance system
  • automatic filter cleaning
  • variable container sizes
  • less noise emission 
  • lower filter load



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