Less weight. Less consumption.

RSP gives every customer the option of choosing the appropriate suction capacity for his areas of activity from the standard range of single to quadruple fans. The service life is significantly affected by the connection and start-up conditions as well as the balance quality and running smoothness. With the new double fan, you have made an excellent choice because the predecessor model already impressed our customers with its long service life and efficiency.


The installed fans are the main component of the suction excavator technology. The special high-performance fans developed by RSP achieve maximum performance data and the longest service life. RSP relies on highly exact balance quality and optimum connection and start-up conditions because these determine substantially the service life of the fan. Our fans are started slowly using a clutch; this leads automatically to a much lower load on the drive motor and increases the service life.


RSP Ventilator, RSP Fan


Our fans achieve extremely low emission levels thanks to continuous further development, test runs and performance optimisations. A further savings potential comes from the vehicle-specific gear ratio of the fan. It achieves enormous fuel savings particularly in the three different power stages. We specifically use new high-quality materials to make the fan so that on the one hand the weight is minimised drastically and on the other hand efficiency is maximised. These are the most economical, most reliable and most long-lasting fans we have ever built.


RSP Ventilator, RSP Fan
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