RSP suction excavators are used efficiently where a high risk of damage prevents the use of hydraulic excavation technology or the environmental conditions do not allow this. RSP suction excavators ensure the shortest operating times, the fastest damage-free excavation of soil, as well as low traffic and ecological burden. All media can be sucked up - solid particles up to a size of 250 mm. Depending on the installed capacity and depending on the material, suction distances of up to 150 m horizontally and 30 m vertically can be reached. Suction excavators are more than just means of achieving a reduced workload in everyday construction life. They contribute considerably to minimising pipe damage and consequently to insurance damage during excavations in the town centre as well.

Building sector

Excavation work in the area of underground cables and pipes always poses a risk. A suction excavator can be used to carry out excavations in a damage-free way and to work cost-effectively.

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Kabel und Leitungen
Civil engineering

A burst in the water main or other emergencies are not a rarity. The faulty area can be exposed within a few minutes and the repair work can start. 

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Grabenloser Leitungsbau
Emergency service

Do you need to dispose of contaminated material, for example? No problem, with a suction excavator, you are on the safe side. Discover the possibilities.

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Tiefbau, Kanalbau, Entsorgung

Keyhole - the keyhole to domestic connections. The advantages of the keyhole method are obvious. Only minimal excavation is necessary, thus reducing consequential costs due to surface damage.

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Grabenloser Leitungsbau
Trenchless pipeline construction


Instead of troublesome and time-consuming manual labour, the use of the RSP technology in this field has proved its worth on many occasions.


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Flachdachabsaugung und Falchdachsanierung
Cleaning of flat roofs

With root renovations, the entire root work needs be exposed gently and at the same time in a time-savingly way. With a suction excavator, you have the fastest and most cost-effective solution to hand.


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Baumwurzel Sanierung mit Saugbagger
Tree root renovation

Bulk materials, building materials, spoil and rubble are removed effectively and quickly.


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Gebäudesanierung, Kernsanierung, Schuttabsaugung
Building renovation

Precisely in urban areas, replacing whole pipeline sections is expensive. Pipelines can be rehabilitated with the fabric hose procedure. To this end, the deposits are milled out of pipes and suctioned out with the suction excavator.


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Rohrleitungssanierung mit Saugbagger
Pipe refurbishment


To be able to work in chemical plants and refineries, the machines used must correspond to the ATEX manufacturer's guideline. RSP suction excavators are equipped for this at the customer's request. 

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Chemische Anlagen und Raffinerien reinigen
Chemical plants

A suction excavator with hydrocleaner as an accessory are ideally suited for cleaning ports or transshipment areas.

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Reinigen von Hafenanlagen
Port facilities

Downtime is costly, it is therefore important to quickly free the tanks of sink layers. Suction excavators impress in this field of application with their efficiency over vacuum vehicles.

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Biogasanlage reinigen
Biogas systems

Use in open-cast mining. This is the greatest challenge for a suction excavator. Only powerful and high-quality machines remove the fine dust of access roads and storage places every single day.

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Flächenreinigung im Tagebau
Open cast mining

Special use

In tunnel building and in mines, suction excavators or suction systems are used for removing mining debris or for cleaning the tunnel floor.

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Tunnelreinigung mit Saugbagger
Tunnel building

Suction excavators are suitable for cleaning work on the track bed but also for removing gravel during repair work.

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Gleisbettsanierung, Gleisreinigung
Track laying

Quick help in a disaster situation. Suction excavators are suited for sucking up water, rubble and volcanic ash.

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Saugarbeiten nach Umweltkatastrophen

For many, the suction excavator is an interesting and primarily safe solution that is used not only in excavations in the town centre but can also be used for renovation and cleaning work. This NoDig technology has already established itself in many countries of Europe as well as in Asia and North America. Modern building contractors have recognized the competitive advantages that the suction technology offers them. There are different models depending on the application area, in which the required suction capacity is achieved with one, two or three fans. 


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