The ESE series

We have the right model.

The product range from RSP offers the optimum machine for every requirement and every application regardless of whether you are searching for an agile solution for town centres or a particularly large and powerful suction excavator for special excavations or industrial sector. In principle, the superstructure can be carried on all truck types. We offer our customers a number of special vehicles or stationary systems for very special fields of application together with the standard models. Even individual solutions are implemented fast by our experienced employees.

When requirements and experiences from practice combine with the latest knowledge coming from research, this results in a machine which is completely impressive. We have listened to you and designed a suction excavator that is tailored to your needs exactly. The new ESE 8.

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ESE 8 RD 8000

The ESE 6 RD 8000 is the ideal vehicle for heavy excavation and disposal work. The combination of high suction capacity and compact dimensions make the model an all-rounder for daily use on the construction site. 

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ESE 6 RD 8000

The combination of small dimensions and installed suction capacity makes the model ESE 4 the ideal solution for excavations in town centres where space is limited.

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ESE 4 RS 4000

Small box, very big. The ESE 1 is the compact alternative to the mobile suction excavator. Its low weight and compact size enable simple transport to every deployment site. In addition, it offers strong suction power at a small price. 

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ESE 1 Saubox mit Kettenfahrwerk

RSP has several optional accessories for suction excavators that make daily work easier. The rotating fitting, for example, comes in two versions. Decide for yourself whether it will be the RM Fix or RM Vario.

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Rotationsmodul RM Fix
RSP suction excavator accessories

Ultra-modern workshop modes, qualified employees and the use of RSP ORIGINAL spare parts and operating fluids guarantee optimum protection of your machine.

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Wartung, Service, Reparatur
Suction excavator service

Special machines

We provide our customers with not only standard models but also a series of other special designs for extra special applications. Even individual solutions are implemented fast by our experienced employees. These special solutions include machines with road/rail driving equipment, stationary suction systems but also the production of special suction systems on a trailer base or asphalt cutters for quick laying of cables.

The combination of road vehicle and road/rail technology enables an excavator to be deployed quickly and efficiently when work has to be carried out in the railway sector.

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Zweiwege Saugbagger
Road/rail vehicles

Stationary suction systems are particularly suitable for continuous suction tasks which extend over a longer period.


Stationary systems
Stationary suction systems

As well as the standard range, RSP supplies special machines and customer-specific solutions.


Customised solutions
Trailer mit Saugaufbau
Customised solutions

Purchase of second-hand machine is a matter of trust

For the buyer, a second-hand machine is much more difficult to assess than a new one. This is because a detailed knowledge of the design, components and control, such as only the manufacturer himself has, is also necessary in addition to the technical expertise. Therefore, second-hand RSP machines can only be checked thoroughly and repaired by RSP themselves. Then the customer knows what they are getting for their money. He can rely on it just like in the case of a new machine.

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